Dark chocolate Squirrel

Écureuil Chocolat Kayambé noir 72% CLUIZEL
Écureuil Chocolat Kayambé noir 72% CLUIZEL



80 G

(€146.25 L/Kg)

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Product description

The Easter chocolates have arrived and this year, Easter promises to be deliciously cocoa-flavoured! The animals around have heard the delicious melody of the Easter bells announcing their arrival! For the occasion, the dark chocolate Squirrels from the Manufacture CLUIZEL have decided to join the Chickens, the Rabbits and the Koalas, to make the Egg Hunt even tastier!

Young and old alike will be delighted by this cute and tasty moulding of the Squirrel in Kayambe 72% cocoa dark chocolate. Its highly cocoa-scented flavours are enhanced by intoxicating hints of red fruit and liquorice. A chewy chocolate that melts delicately on your tongue. With its sweet yet intense aromas, it’s the promise of a moment of sharing and unrivalled pleasure.

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