Filled Dark chocolate egg N°6

Filled Dark chocolate egg N°6
Oeuf Signature Chocolat Noir N6



210 G

(€111.67 L/Kg)

Product Information

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Product description

The Easter chocolates have arrived and the iconic Dark Chocolate Signature Egg No. 6 from the CLUIZEL Manufacture is here!

Stylized and modern, this essential 210 g chocolate egg reflects our unique know-how. Composed of 72% Kayambe Dark chocolate, it leaves highly cocoa flavors on your taste buds, enhanced by intoxicating nuances of red fruits and licorice.

A chocolate treasure to find in the garden, to offer or to share during a snack, the Signature Egg is a pleasure to break with the family, and will delight young and old alike. Garnished with 90 g of delicious dark, milk and Kewane chocolate eggs and filled with old-fashioned caramelized praline, our Dark Chocolate Signature Egg No. 6 is the promise of a surprising and delicious celebration.

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