"Gourmet Rooftops" Tasting Gift Box

Tasting Gift Box


300 G

(€149.33 L/Kg)

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Product description

The “Gourmet Rooftops” Tasting Gift Box, filled with chocolates galore, has been imagined for those who love to indulge.
As CLUIZEL once again wishes to make sure your end-of-year celebrations are filled with pleasure, the Manufacture has concocted an assortment of its best-loved festive creations…
Dark and milk chocolate mendiants, hazelnut pralinés, candied orange chocolate twines, Montélimar nougats, 85% pure cocoa ganaches, chocolate bonbons with raspberry hearts, lemony and vanilla-tasting pralinés… all these treats in a single box, designed as a gift.
This box is a must-have for any chocolate lover who can’t wait to be whisked off on a magical, festive taste-inspired journey.

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