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Boost de Plaisir mini-bar

Boost de Plaisir mini-bar Chocolate CLUIZEL
Boost de Plaisir mini-barre Chocolat CLUIZEL
Boost de Plaisir mini-barre


30 G

(€100.00 L/Kg)

Product Information

    Colissimo delivery in 3 to 5 working days.

Product description

Our flavor-packed chocolate bar invites to indulge in an incredibly-sweet gourmet break. The CLUIZEL Manufacture’s Boost de Plaisir (Pleasure Boost) bar is made with 45% milk chocolate mixed with a hazelnut paste, topped with raisins and almonds. Ingredients are carefully selected for their quality and authenticity.

Our melt-in-the-mouth, crunchy bar will make all your breaks ultra-relaxing, gourmet interludes. Give in to our chocolate with its intense aromas blending sweetness and the subtleness of milk perfectly.

Ingredients & Energy value



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