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70 years of know-how

Manufacture CLUIZEL is a great chocolate explorer, the custodian of multi-faceted and in-depth know-how. Here is its story.

Since 1947, Manufacture CLUIZEL is a company that has created luxury chocolates and “old fashioned” confectionery that combines ancestral expertise with innovation. Due to ingredients of exceptional quality and meticulous work, Manufacture CLUIZEL creates chocolates and confectionery that delight the taste buds of lovers of tasting chocolates.


Their love gave birth to Michel Cluizel who, from the age of 15, joined the small family business. By 1984, around fifty people were already making CLUIZEL chocolates. Michel invited his two sons to join him, perpetuating the family legacy.

La Manufacture CLUIZEL

70 years later…

Founded by a chocolate enthusiast, this family business has been able to thrive over the decades, developing unique and precious know-how, which has been handed down through the generations. It is a sweet story of love at first sight: that of Marc Cluizel, son of a baker, a chocolate-making apprentice, and his future wife, Marcelle, a confectioner. Together, young, in love and brimming over with ideas, in their little house in Damville, Normandy, they worked on their preparations.

Four generations followed… 70 years later, grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to bring this extraordinary legacy to life.

While the Manufacture remains committed to its family roots and traditions, it is also constantly innovating.

La Manufacture CLUIZEL
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Confident that luxury chocolate can hold its own and that its powerful flavour is already an intrinsic part of it, CLUIZEL focuses on the essence of chocolate and gently releases all the aromas, all the richness of the terroir of the beans that it draws out by means of a redesigned roasting process. It has built strong, high-quality partnerships with planters that offer hand-selected beans processed in respect of traditions and exceptional terroirs.

Living Heritage Company

Supported by various distinctions such as the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label since 2012, it is the ambassador of multiple and complex tastes and of the know-how that has forged its reputation.



CLUIZEL has invented the term Cacaofèvier®, a discipline that concentrates several crucial stages of chocolate-making: roasting - which is adapted to the terroirs of the chosen beans -, crushing and grinding the nibs into cocoa paste.

La Manufacture CLUIZEL
La Manufacture CLUIZEL

Handing down knowledge

The Manufacture has invested its meticulousness and its passion for quality products into a unique ideal: the transmission of Sensory Know-How. In its mission to educate, it stimulates the palates and taste buds of chocolate lovers who have lost the habit of tasting the most subtle nuances. Luxury chocolate is the focus of all the Manufacture's thinking.

La Manufacture CLUIZEL

To fully explore the ins and outs of chocolate, CLUIZEL takes you on a multisensory tasting experience: Les Sens du Chocolat.

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