Assorted Chocolate

CLUIZEL Manufacture invites you to enjoy its gourmet gift boxes that combine the powerfulness of dark chocolate with the sweetness of milk chocolate. Which are you going to be tempted by ? These creations will definitely tempt all chocolate lovers and fine connoisseurs alike. Discover our exquisite gift boxes filled with exceptional products created in keeping with the Manufacture's traditions and time-honored craftsmanship. Our Noble Ingredients-labeled creations comprise only meticulously-sourced and -selected ingredients to offer you products infused with unbelievable tastes. And, last but not least, our perfect knowledge of the 3 chocolate crafts: cacaofévier, confectioner and chocolatier means we master all the steps of the chocolate manufacturing process and can highlight all the subtleties of the cocoa in our recipes. Are you more of a dark chocolate lover or a milk chocolate one ? What if you could go for both ?

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