Ivoire White

Ivoire Chocolate is not white chocolate. And for good reason... it is less sweet and boasts a higher pure cocoa butter content than traditional white chocolate ! We master this delicate, sensitive recipe to perfection, with its subtle mix of sugar, milk, Bourbon vanilla pods*, where doses have been imagined to highlight the tasting nuances naturally contained in the cocoa butter. Our Manufacture's key commitment: to offer you chocolates bursting with authentic tastes. It goes without saying that no artificial flavoring or fat is added when we create our Ivoire Chocolate and, this is what also makes it stand out from simple white chocolate. So, let your taste buds guide you and discover this chocolate that is highly-acclaimed by gourmets: the Kayambe 36% Grand Ivoire Chocolate Bar. With its 36% pure cocoa butter (a percentage never seen before), it enthralls us with its myriad of flavors that taste buds recognize and delight in instantly. Subtle milky nuances, butter-cake and vanilla notes… This bar's aromatic profile invites you to indulge in extreme delectable sweetness the moment you take a bite.

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