Chocolate-coated Cocoa Nibs

Chocolate-coated Cocoa Nibs CLUIZEL
Lingot Fèves de ganache CLUIZEL


120 G

(€127.92 L/Kg)

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Product description

Indulge in a journey to the Dominican Republic with our cocoa nibs coated with delicious 73% dark chocolate. The beans, directly sourced from the Los Anconès Plantation, where the fruit is organically-certified, are fermented for six days before being roasted using a perfectly-mastered in-house technique that ensures they preserve all their delicate aromas. The cocoa nibs, boasting licorice notes with hints of red berry, are then coated with dark chocolate that turns them into an intensely-tasteful creation.


Bite directly into our Noble Ingredients-labeled cocoa nibs to enjoy an explosion of flavors.

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