Chocolate-coated Coffee Beans Grab & Go Bag

Chocolate-coated Coffee Beans Grab & Go Bag CLUIZEL
Sachet Grains d'arômes CLUIZEL


130 G

(€78.46 L/Kg)

Product Information

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Product description

Intense dark chocolate blended with whole Arabica coffee beans from Brazil enclosed inside this indulge-now grab & go bag. These delicious treats are a pure fusion of sweetness with a powerful, distinctive twist.


The rigorously-selected coffee beans are exalted when they embrace our intense chocolate, offering you an incomparable explosion of aromas from the instant you indulge. These slowly-roasted beans preserve all their taste nuances and pair perfectly well with the one-of-a-kind flavors highlighted through the chocolate. Our coated coffee bean treats are exquisite grab & go products, to easily slip into your bag and indulge in anytime, anywhere.

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