Dark chocolate candied orange halves gourmet box

Dark chocolate candied orange halves gourmet box
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250 G

(€205.20 L/Kg)

Product Information

    Colissimo delivery in 3 to 5 working days.

Product description

A gourmet gift box of orange half slices covered in premium 72% cacao dark chocolate. Gourmet boxes of CLUIZEL chocolate-covered candied orange slices can be nibbled without hunger or used to decorate cakes. This top-of-the-range product is ideal for any pastry maker. The flavors cultivated by CLUIZEL’s chocolatiers can underline the deliciousness of your desserts. The richness of the associated flavors will delight gourmets and connoisseurs alike. The chocolate candied orange is also available as a gift: a drawer box that respects tradition in the spirit of premium-quality confectionery. The candied orange, sold in its old-fashioned casket, is once again in the limelight.

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