Jungle Cocoa Lollipops

Sucettes au Chocolat Cacao Jungle CLUIZEL
Sucettes au Chocolat Cacao Jungle CLUIZEL


28 G

(€157.14 L/Kg)

Product Information

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Product description

You are never too old to discover the incredible flavors of chocolate. With these delicious Jungle Cocoa Lollipops, the CLUIZEL Manufacture also wishes to delight children and offers them an amazing mouthwatering treat. They will love the funny jungle animals on the wrapper, then will bite into a scrumptious milk-chocolate surprise filled with traditionally-made creamy praliné. Everyone will be tempted by the velvety, chocolaty flavors of this gourmet lollipop. A tasty way for kids to discover our different chocolate nuances and have fun guessing the answers to the riddles on the wrapper. A yummy initiation into our chocolate world!

Lollipop sold individually, random animal.

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