Set of 2 42% Hazelnut spreads



400 G

(€47.50 L/Kg)

Product Information

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Product description

Indulge in the delectable creaminess of our delicious 42% hazelnut chocolate spreads. As we are committed to offering you a premium-quality product, we only use five ingredients when creating our spread : cocoa powder, whole milk, Bourbon vanilla pods and finely-crushed whole hazelnuts. Our spread, totally free from any added flavoring or palm oil, invites you to discover the intense sensation of nuts that diffuses a distinct flavor on the palate. Its super-smooth, creamy texture is perfect for spreading on toast, crispbread and even brioche for the most gourmet among you.


This spread, a real ode to gourmet pleasure, is a noble recipe, boasting authentic flavors that embrace our exclusive know-how… mums and dads will love it, kids will devour it and foodies will want even more of it.

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