Set of 2 78% Praliné spreads

lot-PAT-78 ferme


400 G

(€43.00 L/Kg)

Product Information

    Colissimo delivery in 3 to 5 working days.

Product description

CLUIZEL Manufacture invites you to delight in its 78% Praliné spreads full of the authentic flavors of carefully-selected nuts. We have chosen to make it without any added aromas or palm oil so we can offer you an exceptional spread. Its 78% praliné gifts this spread with a one-of-a-kind, powerful taste that will enthrall you with its deliciousness. You will get an intense hit from the roasted hazelnuts and almonds that are caramelized and then finely crushed. Our spread’s bewitching texture makes it the perfect partner for your crêpes, brioches and toast. Take time out and enjoy a moment to escape and indulge with our 78% Praliné Spread.

Ingredients & Energy value



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