25 Mendiants Gift Box

25 Mendiants Gift Box CLUIZEL
Coffret Mendiants N°25 Chocolat CLUIZEL
Coffret Mendiants N°25


260 G

(€157.69 L/Kg)

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Product description

Discover or rediscover these delicate discs and take your pick between 63% dark chocolate or 39% milk chocolate, hand-decorated with dried fruit, candied oranges, and caramelized pistachios, almonds and hazelnuts. These 25 delicious Mendiants are displayed in an attractive gift box. Drawing on our unrivaled know-how, we have imagined a disc where cocoa notes are exalted by fruity, caramelized aromas. These delectable gourmet treats, perfect with tea or coffee, will definitely tempt lovers of fine chocolate. Our mastery and know-how infuses these Mendiants with exceptional, incomparable flavors.

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