Vila Gracinda

Tablette Plantation Vila Gracinda noir 73% CLUIZEL

Tropical volcano chocolate

It is from this infant land, a volcanic isthmus, an island bridge between chocolate and the world, that the cocoa trees that would make Africa the world’s leading producer of cocoa started their journey. São Tomé embodies both the memory of the era of exploration and the promise of rediscovery.

Chocolats de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL
Page Chocolat de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL

The entire island has been dominated by cocoa farming for more than two centuries, a little land’s end of the world’s cocoa.

A tiny shred of volcanic land

Sao Tomé, despite its Portuguese name, is the African setting of Brazilian cocoa trees. The volcanic and mineral soil is not the island’s only asset. The equatorial climate as well as the ocean that bathes São Tomé join forces to produce cocoa enriched with powerful seawater spray and exotic fragrances. The chocolate that the CLUIZEL Manufacture creates is a mineral hybrid, injected with wild and grassy flavours.

Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL
Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Vila Gracinda CLUIZEL

Vila Gracinda, a Plantation with a unique know-how

The beans succeed each other in three different boxes… remaining forty-eight hours in each of them and benefiting from a daily aeration by manual stirring. This constant movement produces a characteristic and ethereal, determined and recognisable fermented aromatic note.

A unique roasting process

The marine flavours and the fruity notes of the terroir of the beans do not react in the same way to roasting. The Manufacture has chosen flash roasting that evenly transfigures the beans. They deliver all their flavours in a bewitching harmony, regardless of their origin.

Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZELTorréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL
Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL

Multi-faceted, with a variety of dimensions, it is discovered like a landscape.

The top notes express the volcanic soil. They are toasted, textured and slightly spicy. The heart notes are more forthright, powerfully grassy, but short. The finish is a bouquet of tropical fruit introducing an extension to the liquorice notes.

Dark Chocolate

Attack notes

  • Roasted Notes
  • Spicy Notes

Heart Note

  • Grassy & Woody Notes

Bottom notes

  • Liquorice Notes
  • Tropical Fruit Notes

Our Vila Gracinda bar

A Sensory Experience

Discover the secrets of the Vila Gracinda Plantation with an immersive tasting experience devised by CLUIZEL.


With “Les Sens du Chocolat” experience, embark on an initiatory journey through the world of Plantation chocolates… Discover the history, origins and secrets of these exceptional chocolates, then awaken your senses to their subtle, rich notes during this unique multi-sensory tasting session.

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