Tablette Plantation Mokaya noir 75% CLUIZEL

Sweet flavour, powerful fragrance

Here in Mexico, the ancestral Mokaya people would drink “kakawa”, the first cocoa drink in the world, in honour of their Gods. Organically certified Mokaya Plantation chocolate produced by the Manufacture, enriched with the benefits of unique volcanic soil, is therefore Divine. The cocoa trees grow in the shade of immense century-old Ceibas, totem trees of the indigenous peoples that occupied this land for two thousand years. The role of Ceibas trees is to transmit the stellar and lunar energies that their branches capture in the sky to the soil.

Chocolats de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL
Page Chocolat de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL

The volcanic lands of the Tapachula offer a paradoxically sweet, deep cocoa chocolate.

Nestled in the heart of the Chiapas, the birthplace of chocolate

In this unique land, each plant that one might imagine to be wild has been meticulously pampered, sometimes intentionally planted, making the Plantation’s ecosystem self-sufficient and offering a cocoa naturally imbued with exotic fruit fragrances.

Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL
Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Mokaya CLUIZEL

The patiently harvested white beans, manually released from their pods, ferment in two stages:

The beans are stripped of their whiteness in barrels placed in the sun. Each day, they roll a quarter or a half turn. The beans are stirred without being oxygenated. A deeply moving and powerful fermented aromatic note starts to emerge. They are then transferred to immense wooden boxes where they finally render the last and most delicate fruity notes they contained.

The multi-faceted flavour of this volcanic chocolate is splendidly conveyed by finely-tuned roasting.

Roasted at low temperature and for longer periods of time, the beans precisely convey the notes inherited from fermentation. This precise, crafted roasting enhances the final aromatic rendering. It emphasises its complexity and supports its contours, its unique tastes. This process brings the choreographic fluidity that connect the top and heart notes.

Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZELTorréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL
Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL

Toasted cocoa is the first flavour to be revealed…

It will remain present throughout, a charming backdrop on which a few other flavours follow on from each other. Exotic fruit soon steal the show. In the heart notes, almonds and roasted hazelnuts are extended. The finish is generous and vanilla-tinged, toasted cocoa returns to the palate and leaves a slightly peppery impression.

Dark Chocolate

Attack notes

  • Notes of Freshness
  • Exotic fruits

Heart Note

  • Honey
  • Roasted Almonds
  • Roasted Hazelnuts

Bottom notes

  • Vanilla
  • Peppery Note
  • Fine Toasted Cocoa Note

A Sensory Experience

Discover the secrets of Plantation Mokaya with an immersive tasting experience designed by CLUIZEL. 


With “Les Sens du Chocolat” experience, embark on an initiatory journey through the world of Plantation chocolates… Discover the history, origins and secrets of these exceptional chocolates, then awaken your senses to their subtle, rich notes during this unique multi-sensory tasting session.

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