Mangaro Plantation 71% Dark Bar

Mangaro Plantation 71% Dark Bar CLUIZEL
Tablette de Chocolat Noir CLUIZEL


70 G

(€90.00 L/Kg)

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Product description

The beans in our 71% Dark Chocolate Bar from the Mangaro Plantation in Madagascar, stand out with their tangy citrus fruit notes and subtle gingerbread taste. This rather atypical flavor comes from the Plantation ground, nourished for centuries on end by a mango grove that covered it in days of yore.

CLUIZEL Manufacture’s unrivaled craftsmanship, perpetuated through an ever-so precise, slow bean roasting process that reveals an explosion of exotic and citrus fruit notes, invites you to indulge in this exceptional chocolate bar.

Just one square if chocolate is all it takes to be whisked off to the heart of this exotic Plantation.

To really savor all the notes of this chocolate, visit and let us guide you through innovative, one-of-a-kind taste discoveries.

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Intense Notes

The initial notes of Mangaro Plantation 71% chocolate are round and smooth on the palate: dried fruit and gingerbread introduce the more acidic fragrances of red fruit.

The ever present chocolate notes roll out harmoniously. The finish has hints of fruity sweet chilli.

  • Attack notes

    Gingerbread & Honey

    Toasted Cocoa

    Dried Fruit

  • Heart notes

    Red Berries

    Tangy Notes

  • Bottom notes

    Spicy Notes

    Chocolate Caramel

    Fruity Sweet Chilli


The Mangaro Plantation

The power of the sky, the strength of the soil

The Mangaro Plantation was born in what used to be a jungle of mango trees.

The secret of the unique taste of the Mangaro Plantation’s dark and milk chocolate lies between the roots of cocoa trees and in this land that mangoes have nourished for centuries: they have soaked it with their sweet and exotic taste.

Discover the plantation
Les Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL

A Sensory Experience

Discover the secrets of Plantation Mangaro with an immersive tasting experience designed by CLUIZEL. 


With Les Sens du Chocolat experience, embark on an initiatory journey through the world of Plantation chocolates… Discover the history, origins and secrets of these exceptional chocolates, then awaken your senses to their subtle, rich notes during this unique multi-sensory tasting session.

Discover the experience
Expérience LSDC Plantation En
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