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Tendre Moment mini-bar

Tendre Moment mini-bar Chocolate CLUIZEL
Tendre Moment mini-barre Chocolat CLUIZEL
Tendre Moment mini-barre Chocolat CLUIZEL


30 G

(€100.00 L/Kg)

Product Information

    Colissimo delivery in 3 to 5 working days.

Product description

CLUIZEL Manufacture invites you to discover its range of mini chocolate bars boasting exclusive tastes. Our Tendre Moment (Tender Moment) mini bar whisks you back to childhood days with its 45% milk chocolate, hazelnut paste, praliné and hazelnut nib flavors. Drawing on its great chocolate mastery and carefully-selected ingredients, CLUIZEL Manufacture offers you a gourmet bar filled with authentic flavors. Its mini size means you can slip it into your pocket or bag easily and enjoy your favorite treat wherever, whenever.

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