Caramel Mushrooms Tasting Bag

Caramel Mushrooms Tasting Bag CLUIZEL
Poche champignons caramel CLUIZEL


250 G

(€87.80 L/Kg)

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Product description

CLUIZEL Manufacture once again unveils its great chocolate mastery through this trompe-l’oeil mushroom that takes six manufacturing stages to make. This creation is a savvy mix of textures and flavors. The base is imagined with deliciously-melting caramel covered with Ivoire white Chocolate. The cap boasts a dark chocolate shell embracing pure almond nougatine. The sweetness of the caramel heart and Ivoire white chocolate contrasts the intensity of the dark chocolate, to offer perfect flavor harmony.

This elegant melt-in-the-mouth yet crunchy mushroom wows with its originality and with its incredible taste. Fill your basket with our mushrooms now, scrumptiousness guaranteed.

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