Head off on CLUIZEL's adventure with our Plantation Chocolate Gift Boxes. As you indulge, you will be whisked off on a journey deep into the heart of the 3 cocoa continents: Latin America, Central America and Africa. Incomparable chocolates to discover alone or with loved ones. Each square is infused with exceptional craftsmanship, 70 years of experience and trips around the globe. Through these boxes, CLUIZEL Manufacture invites you to discover all the power and uniqueness of its Plantation Chocolates. These discs and squares, created with cocoa beans sourced directly from our partner planters, will guide you through an adventure filled with one-of-a-kind aromatic notes specific to each Plantation (Organic Mokaya, Organic Los Anconès, El Jardín, Vila Gracinda, Mangaro, Riachuelo and La Laguna). These beans are fermented on the plantation and roasted in the Manufacture in Normandy using ancestral processes that ensure all the flavors remain and all subtleties are unveiled. To make sure you enjoy this gourmet journey as much as possible, every disc, every square is engraved with the name of the Plantation the cocoa within comes from.

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