Easter chocolates

Easter chocolates in Wonderland

With 75 years of chocolate-making expertise behind it, the Manufacture is offering a collection for Easter chocolates with a uniquely powerful aroma and intense cocoa notes.


This year, CLUIZEL has called on the expertise of its top chocolatiers to revisit and create the new iconic Easter chocolates: eggs, rabbits, squirrels, hens and koalas are invited to the Easter festivities for a magical, gourmet snack. This limited edition collection is the result of several months of research and development, and we invite you to discover it just a few days before Easter. You’ll love these cheerful dark or milk chocolate mouldings, ready to take over your gardens… They’re just waiting for the egg hunt to begin!

Easter chocolates in Wonderland

The Manufacture has invited all its happy Easter figurines and mouldings in dark, milk and white chocolate to a big party in Wonderland.

Chocolate bunnies, hens, eggs, squirrels and koalas come together in a magical, fairytale world to share a festive, gourmet moment. Here and there, little chocolate eggs with a praline filling hatch around a beautiful table set in the middle of the enchanted forest…

Lapin de Pâques au chocolat
Chocolats de Pâques

A cute chocolate bunny

Cute and tasty, that’s what best defines this little newcomer; our Easter chocolate bunny has just joined the CLUIZEL Easter moulding tribe.

Whether you’re looking for the intense cocoa flavour of dark chocolate or the milky sweetness of milk chocolate, its melt-in-the-mouth texture is guaranteed to leave you speechless!

A collection of chocolate mouldings, small eggs and fritters designed to delight young and old gourmets alike…

Lapin de Pâques au chocolat

The cute Rabbit


Discover our milk chocolate bunny with a great taste of chocolate and caramel. With every bite, its melt-in-the-mouth texture takes young and old alike on a magical tasting experience full of sweetness.


Also available in dark chocolate.

€ 28 – 165 g

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The laying Hen


Fall for this pretty milk chocolate hen filled with praline-filled chocolate eggs. Made in our workshops in Normandy, it embodies the generosity and sharing that are the watchwords of the Easter festivities!


Also available in dark chocolate.

€ 40 – 260 g

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Milk chocolate Koala

The cuddly Koala


You’ll love this cute milk chocolate Koala. With its beautiful ears and little nose, children will only have one thing to look forward to: crunching on him to discover a milk chocolate with a milky caramel flavour and a touch of honey!


Also available in dark chocolate.

€ 22 – 120 g

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Milk chocolate Squirrel

The trickster Squirrels


Taste this joyful dark chocolate moulding and let yourself be carried away from the first bite by intensely creamy cocoa notes. Something to put a smile on the face of the whole family!


Aussi disponible en chocolat au lait.Also available in dark chocolate.

€ 16,70 – 80 g

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Signature Eggs

Discover Signature Eggs with their elegant, modern curves. These eggs have been designed to represent the CLUIZEL C and become the emblem of a unique know-how and attention to detail. An elegant design enclosing a raw delicacy: a shell of dark chocolate 72% intensely cocoa-flavoured or milk chocolate 45% sweet and milky, which breaks open to release generous little eggs filled with old-fashioned praline...


Easter essentials

CLUIZEL Manufacture

As one of the few companies to master the professions of Cacaofèvier®, Chocolatier and Confiseur, Manufacture CLUIZEL works from the bean to the finished creations, selecting cocoa plantations from around the world. This rigorous work is what makes the Manufacture unique, and the quest for the essence of chocolate has never ceased. Chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate bonbons and uniquely flavoured confectionery are brought to life by the expert hands of the Manufacture CLUIZEL. Made using only the finest ingredients, our creations are the result of a rigorous selection of products and a perfect mastery of techniques to achieve an authentic and faithful taste. CLUIZEL relies on family know-how that has been handed down from generation to generation for 75 years. Excellence is at the service of taste, but also of discovery, with an unwavering desire to introduce as many people as possible to the full richness of chocolate's aromatic notes.

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