Arcango 85% Grand Noir Bar

Arcango 85% Grand Noir Bar CLUIZEL
Tablette de Chocolat Noir CLUIZEL
Tablette Arcango Grand Noir 85% CLUIZEL


70 G

(€64.29 L/Kg)

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Product description

Indulging in our Arcango 85% Grand Noir dark chocolate bar means discovering a creation boasting delicately-mastered roasted chestnut and coffee notes. Chocolate lovers will delight in its intense taste, perfectly highlighted thanks to our know-how.

As CLUIZEL Manufacture is committed to offering you an exquisite creation, we guarantee the authenticity of the ingredients used through the Nobel Ingredients label which our chocolate is granted.

You can be sure that through the authenticity of our ingredients you will enjoy a pure moment of pleasure when tasting.

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