Tablette Plantation Mangaro noir 71% CLUIZELTablette Plantation Mangaro lait 50% CLUIZEL

The power of the sky, the strength of the soil

The Plantation Mangaro was born in what used to be a jungle of mango trees. The secret of the unique taste of the Mangaro Plantation’s dark and milk chocolate lies between the roots of cocoa trees and in this landthat mangoes have nourished for centuries: they have soaked it with their sweet and exotic taste. The Plantation takes its name from the memory of this jungle, which was called Mangamaro: “where abundant mangoes grow”. In Madagascar, the earth remembers and restores.

Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL
Page Chocolat de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL

Born in what used to be a jungle of mango trees…

The valley of the Sambirano River

The plains on which the Plantation, extends are particularly fertile; even today vanilla, ylang-ylang and lychee plants grow there which, through their root exchanges, release some of their flavours into the Plantation’s beans. Not forgetting, of course, the mango heritage. This chocolate is as multi-faceted and generous as a horn of plenty. And that is not the only peculiarity of the Plantation.

Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL
Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Mangaro CLUIZEL

The beans are fermented using traditional artisan methods in the Mangaro Plantation.

Beans share their fermentation time between three tiered black wooden boxes. They spend two days in the highest box and then two more in the middle one. Finally, they switch one last time to the last box, the lowest. This slow, cascading movement mixes and oxygenates them. The beans, once fermented, will dry for almost as long on a huge, sun-drenched slab.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture perfectly restores the natural fragrances of this chocolate through masterful roasting.

This essential step, carried out by the Manufacture in its workshops in Normandy, makes it possible to release each of the aromas of these very special beans. To ensure that the beans are evenly roasted, the CLUIZEL workshops increase the roasting time and the average temperature. The process is slow, precise, enriched by meticulous craftsmanship. Expertly completed, it enhances the splendour of the fermented aromatic note.

Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZELTorréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL
Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL

There is a burst of exotic fruit in the top note…

Quickly expanded by sweet gingerbread flavours, the aromatic profile unfolds into a tangy, citrus-laden and deliciously exotic finish. The top notes of Mangaro Plantation’s 50% Milk chocolate are round and smooth on the palate: a gourmet caramel introduces the more tangy fragrances of exotic fruits. The ever present chocolate notes roll out harmoniously. The very gentle finish is tinged with gingerbread.

Dark Chocolate

Attack Notes

  • Biscuit
  • Tangy Exotic Fruits

Heart Notes

  • Gingerbread
  • Hot Cocoa

Bottom Notes

  • Notes of Citrus and Pepper

Milk Chocolate

Attack notes

  • Dark Caramel

Heart Note

  • Exotic fruits
  • Raisins

Bottom Notes

  • Light Honey
  • Hints of Gingerbread

A Sensory Experience

Discover the secrets of Plantation Mangaro with an immersive tasting experience designed by CLUIZEL.


With “Les Sens du Chocolat” experience, embark on an initiatory journey through the world of Plantation chocolates… Discover the history, origins and secrets of these exceptional chocolates, then awaken your senses to their subtle, rich notes during this unique multi-sensory tasting session.

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