Los Anconès

Tablette Plantation Los Anconès Noir 73% CLUIZEL

Chocolate is more precious than gold

In the seventeenth century, cocoa landed on the small island of Santo Domingo. At that time, split pods were offered to the pagan gods and spice-laden hot chocolate was drunk in their honour. The cocoa trees of the Los Anconès Plantation still offer incredibly generous harvests and a particularly rich and assertively flavoured cocoa.

Chocolats de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL
Page Chocolat de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL

“The Los Ancones hacienda” flaunts its greenery in the heart of the still virgin Caribbean.

Swept by the capricious winds of the Atlantic Ocean.

On the small island of Hispaniola, the Plantation enjoys an ideal tropical climate and grows uniquely tasting fruit, the result of meticulous work and an exceptional terroir. To preserve the generosity of that terroir, the Los Ancones planter produces exclusively organic cocoa beans, grown in a sustainable, natural way, in tune with the land. The whole the Plantation is certified, all its fruit are organic.

Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL
Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Los Ancones CLUIZEL

The decisive fermentation stage is always carried out in the Plantations.

The beans spend six days in a few wooden boxes, covered with dark-coloured banana leaves. In this shelter that becomes a steam oven, the aromas that they trap are released, become more intense with a new force that will persist and that roasting will strive to enhance further.

The CLUIZEL Manufacture tailors the roasting process to the cocoa beans of the Los Anconès Plantation.

Its aromatic profile is enhanced by a low-temperature roast that roasts the beans evenly and thoroughly. This innovative process subtly highlights the toasted notes of chocolate. The mastery of the roasting time perfectly reveals the incomparable range of aromas.

Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZELTorréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL
Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL

The aromatic profile of these beans is as lush as the canopy that is their home.

The top and heart notes are a succession of liquorice fragrances and red berry nuances. The richness of the finish pays tribute to the Caribbean terroir and the roasting process. The taste, like pleasure itself, goes crescendo: currants overshadow red berries, apricot stands out before green olive flavours burst onto the scene.

Dark Chocolate

Attack notes

  • Liquorice Stick
  • Raw Cocoa

Heart notes

  • Tangy Notes
  • Hints of Green Olives

Bottom notes

  • Dried Apricots
  • Raisins

Our Los Anconès bar

A Sensory Experience

Discover the secrets of the Los Anconès Plantation through an immersive tasting experience devised by CLUIZEL. 


With “Les Sens du Chocolat” experience, embark on an initiatory journey through the world of Plantation chocolates… Discover the history, origins and secrets of these exceptional chocolates, then awaken your senses to their subtle, rich notes during this unique multi-sensory tasting session.

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