Tablette Plantation Riachuelo noir 70% CLUIZELTablette Plantation Riachuelo lait 51% CLUIZEL

Boundless intensity

In eastern Brazil, under the sparse canopy of the native Atlantic forest, the cocoa trees of the Riachuelo Plantation are planted according to the ancestral Cabruca system. Shrubs are replaced by traditionally planted cacao trees, only the tallest shading trees are preserved. The native Atlantic forest ecosystem is saved and naturally fosters the growth of cocoa trees. Today, a cabruca is the type of plantation most conducive to organic cocoa cultivation and guarantees healthy, generous and particularly flavoursome fruit. The Cabruca allows cocoa trees to inherit fragrances that are sometimes sweet, sometimes acidic from the surrounding fruit trees. A “cabruca” is a corridor for wildlife, a true marvel of biodiversity.

Chocolats de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL
Chocolats de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL
Page Chocolat de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL

The cacao trees are of all ages.

The Cabruca microbiome is constantly nourished

Its fruit offers the taste of truly accomplished work and the power of preserved nature. The nearby stormy Atlantic Ocean, sweeping the lands of Bahia, imbues them with its powerful spray and gives this tablet its intense taste. This chocolate is more than exotic: the east coast of Brazil has endowed it with its multi-faceted beauty.

Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL
Fermentation Chocolats de Plantation Riachuelo CLUIZEL

The decisive fermentation stage is always carried out in the Plantations.

Beans from trees of all ages ferment together. Freshness and sweetness are therefore offset by depth and characterful power. This balancing effect gives birth to the fermented aromatic note that makes chocolate unique. The beans are therefore combined and spend more than five days in light wood boxes.

To avoid distorting their taste, the roasting process has been adapted to the beans of the Plantation.

The low temperature preserves the complex aromatic profile of the beans. The significantly increased roasting time exalts it. The beans are evenly roasted to the core. The chocolate frankly reveals an aromatic and smooth profile.

Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZELTorréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL
Torréfaction Chocolats de Plantation CLUIZEL

Unparalleled intensity and depth…

We first appreciate the comfortable power of a roasted cocoa enhanced with notes of dried fruits before delighting in red fruits, rich and pleasant heart notes. The finish is powerfully chocolatey and complex with notes of caramel and sweet, fruity chilli that bring long-lasting pleasure to the tongue and palate after tasting. For Riachuelo Plantation Milk chocolate, the top notes of butterscotch are supported by a procession of milky and creamy flavours. They are followed by aromas of red fruit, combined with a strong toasted cocoa that spices up the aftertaste. The finish is fresh and delicious, enriched with generous liquorice notes.

Dark Chocolate

Attack notes

  • Roasted Cocoa Beans
  • Dried Fruit & Nuts

Heart Note

  • Red Berries

Bottom notes

  • Fruity Sweet Pepper
  • Raw Cocoa

Milk Chocolate

Attack notes

  • Dairy
  • Creamy & Buttery Caramel

Heart Note

  • Roasted Cocoa
  • Fleeting Notes
  • Red Berries

Bottom notes

  • Spicy Cocoa

A Sensory Experience

Discover the secrets of the Riachuelo Plantation with an immersive tasting experience devised by CLUIZEL.


With “Les Sens du Chocolat” experience, embark on an initiatory journey through the world of Plantation chocolates… Discover the history, origins and secrets of these exceptional chocolates, then awaken your senses to their subtle, rich notes during this unique multi-sensory tasting session.

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