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Easter in Wonderland

Rabbit, Koala, Hen, Squirrel... our Easter chocolates reunited for an enchanted snack


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45% Milk chocolate Easter Bunny

A milk chocolate Easter Bunny lives in an enchanted world of chocolate rivers and egg trees. This season's new addition, Kayambe 45% cocoa milk chocolate, will delight everyone's taste buds with its hints of caramel and milk. A guaranteed favourite!

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Corporate gifts

Chocolat personnalisé cadeau d'entreprise CLUIZEL

Your own personalised chocolates

Offer an unforgettable, high-quality corporate gift with our CLUIZEL personalised chocolates. A wide range of chocolates that you can personalise with your own messages or the name of your company.


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72% Dark chocolate Easter Bunny

A little new treat for those with a sweet tooth... Introducing our 72% cocoa dark chocolate Easter bunny. For all dark chocolate lovers looking for a powerful, creamy chocolate.

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Spread crispies

Discover this new recipe for Roses des sables with hints of hot chocolate. You'll be surprised by its crunchiness and intensely delicious taste.

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